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Cut and Paste

So another Ashes tour ends in disaster. Anyone who’s been paying attention saw it coming a mile off. Consequently, rather than howling into the wind yet again, and writing a new blog, I thought I’d simply cut and paste what I wrote three years ago after our last humiliation down under. It’s amazing how absolutely nothing has changed. In fact, this archived blog is exactly what I need to say again. What a depressing place English cricket has been since 2013.  It’s finally all over. Thanks...

The Test Documentary And The Next Ashes Series

How is everyone doing? The lockdown is beginning to take its toll here – home schooling the kids isn’t much fun – but at least the cricketing hiatus gives us time to take stock. England’s Test series victory in South Africa was definitely a step in the right direction and there are finally grounds for (guarded) optimism. Having said that, the team clearly needs to improve if we’re going to compete down under in 2021/22. Although the next Ashes series is obviously still a long way away, I...


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