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Can England Win The Ashes Without Stokes?


One punch caught on camera. One giant kick in the jatz crackers for England’s Ashes hopes. When I heard last week that Ben Stokes had been involved in a fight – this time with a real person rather than a locker – my heart sank. It sank even further when I saw that CCTV video of a man getting knocked cold by a devastating haymaker. David Warner can only dream of landing a punch like that. And the...

The Lions’ Mane Men


Excuse the headline. It has been a long week. But a least a bad pun is better than a misspelling. I just wanted to quickly discuss the England Lions squad for the winter … and obviously any mention of lions provides plenty of opportunity for cheesy headlines. Be thankful I didn’t roll out the old ‘lions squad to be roaring success’ chestnut. So what do we make of the squad...

Who Will Score England’s Runs This Winter?


With Ben Stokes nursing a broken hand, a bruised ego, and a ruptured reputation, England might find themselves short of runs this winter. Indeed you might want to reconsider if you were planning on placing a bet at sites like However, one unintended consequence of long batting line-ups is that individuals sometimes lose focus and don’t take responsibility for scoring big runs...

The Collective Shudder: England’s Ashes Squad


We have a problem. England only have nine test class cricketers. Therefore one could argue that it doesn’t really matter which bodies make up the broader squad of 16. The selectors might as well have picked random names out of a hat. After all, these squad fillers aren’t particularly likely to score any runs or take any wickets. They might as well have picked the seven best fielders...

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