Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt…

And when it comes to celebrating our historic Ashes triumph – now you can!

The team at Philosophy Football – despite the name – have launched a commemorative t-shirt (above) to celebrate our boys’ feats down under. They’re the guys behind those shirts which quote philosophers, with a name and squad number – you might have seen the ones featuring Albert Camus or Eric Cantona. But now they’ve turned their attention to a much more important sport.

As they put it: “Reward yourself for those late nights and early starts in England’s cause. Celebrate the blissful moment of final victory in the Aussies’ backyard. Philosophy Football’s ingenious victory T-shirt design features all 5 matches of the series with scores, venues and results.  Wear with pride that the little urn is staying put where it belongs. Just £16.99 for the first celebratory week from



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