Bank holiday quiz

To celebrate a day off work – and amid watching today’s IT20 – let’s do something we’ve not done for a while here at TFT. We’ll dust off the quiz book and indulge in a cricket trivia challenge.

Either enter your answers below, or to avoid spoilers, e-mail them to . First prize is a week’s camping holiday with Giles Clarke, Ed Smith and N Srinivasan.

  1. Who completed his test career with 229 runs in ten matches, at an average of 19.08 and with a top score of 99 not out?

2. According to the laws of cricket, what must be exactly eight feet, eight inches long?

3. Which teams contest the following trophies: (a) Pataudi; (b) Frank Worrell; and (c) Wisden.

4. Apart from Headingley, which is the only other ground in Yorkshire to have hosted test cricket?

5. Which two sides annually took part in an eponymous first-class fixture which was inaugurated in 1806 and played for the last time in 1962?

6. When Derbyshire hosted Lancashire at Buxton for a championship fixture in June 1975, an entire day’s play was lost due to which natural occurrence?

7. “I saw Len Hutton in his prime. Another time, another time”. A one-line poem by which cricket lover and man of letters?

8. Mike Gatting; John Emburey; Chris Cowdrey; Graham Gooch. What’s the unique connection?

9. Edgar Willsher, who despite having only one lung took more than 1,300 first-class wickets, is credited with forcing the legalisation, in 1864, of which cricketing practice? 

10. Which contemporary international cricketers have these middle names? A: Chokshanada. B: Peter Devereux. C: Ronald.




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