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Mr 360 To The Slinger – Some Of Cricket’s Most Memorable Nicknames

Christmas is nearly upon us. It’s going to be a weird one. So here’s a bit of fun, mixed in with a bit of nostalgia, to sustain us through the festive period. Thanks go to Srinivas, this time writing alongside his friend and colleague Siddhartha R.  Nicknames are interesting. Often, they reveal personality traits or idiosyncrasies that names do not. They are also usually sources of great fun. Some of them instantly bring a smile to a fan’s face. Some popular nicknames A few...

On The Fundamental Fragility Of Batting

Today new writer Srinivas S discusses a subject close to my heart. I’m sure all batsmen out there agree … There one moment, gone the next Few things in sport symbolise the fragility of life as batting does. There one moment, a batsman may be gone the very next, undone by a superb delivery or, just as often, by an error of judgement on his part or the umpire’s. Little surprise then that some of cricket’s finest batsmen often emphasise on the importance of the next ball. How a batsman...


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