AuthorShounak Sarkar

For Cricket To Grow Globally, The BCCI’s Power Must Be Challenged

With the washed out second Test giving us precious little on-field action to talk about, it’s time to once again consider the broader issues facing our sport. Today guest writer Shounak Sarkar argues that the BCCI is hindering the growth of the game worldwide. It’s a detailed analysis and a must-read … Cricket is a great game. It deserves to have governance, including management and ethics, worthy of the sport. This is not the position at the present time. This report does not...

Growing The Game Globally: The Free-To-Air Conundrum

Today we welcome guest writer Shounak Sarkar to TFT. He looks at the future of cricket broadcasting and assesses the dilemmas faced by emerging cricket nations.  As COVID-19 keeps wreaking havoc worldwide, much of the sporting world has ground to a halt. Understandably in the grand scheme of things, the world of sports pales in comparison to people losing their jobs and lives. Nevertheless, as Keenan Malik expressed so eloquently, sports still represent “the most important of the least...


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