AuthorMojo Wellington

I Oppose The Hundred

Today we have a protest poem by Mojo Wellington. You can read it below but I strongly recommend listening to the audio version here instead. He articulates what many of us feel about The Hundred superbly.     I Oppose The Hundred For the simple fact Professional cricket doesn’t need another shortened format   With T20 and one-day already in existence Who decreed to proceed down the path of most resistance   There are ways to innovate and modernise the sport Without the...

How They Should’ve Settled The World Cup Final

Here’s new writer Mojo Wellington with an irreverent take on the World Cup final controversy. With the result hinging on something more obscure than GATT 24 Paragraph 5B, how else might the match have been decided? Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments. What is it with obscure regulations and cricket world cups? The rain rule in 1992, the super six points carry over in 1999, and Sunday’s super over boundaries ridiculousness. (The ICC obviously likes the word “super”). Sporting...


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