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Yorkshire, Yorkshire

Today Harry Turnbull comments on the dire situation at Headingley. Please be careful what you say in the comments. Ta. As a Lancastrian, you won’t expect me to be weeping into meThwaites beer over events int badlands… There has been a nasty taste in me piehole ever since a senior Tyke was heard calling Ashwell Prince a fkn kolpak. It was said with such wicked malice you couldn’t help wonder what other vicious thoughts lay hidden and unsaid. There has been a collective chip on...

Geoffrey Boycott Versus George Best

Today I’m delighted to welcome Harry Turnbull to TFT. He recalls the day that he saw the greatest sportsman that ever drew breath in the flesh … Dad picked me up every Saturday when I was a kid. We would rumble off in the Ford Anglia with its gleaming white bonnet and black tail wings, invariably headed for the indoor bowling centre where he played every week. I would watch him curling bowls down the artificial turf whilst nursing a Dandelion & Burdock and contemplating what...


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