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White Ball Bowlers: An Endangered Species

News just in: Ben Stokes has been bought for the astonishing figure of $2.16 million USD in the IPL auction. The team that has paid this eye-watering figure, the Rising Pune Silly Nannies, obviously didn’t watch the World T20 final, when poor Ben was absolutely slaughtered by Carlos Brathwaite. Needing…

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To Remodel Or Not To Remodel?

Those of you who have been following the Jack Leach controversy will be disappointed to learn that the Somerset spinner – by far the best young tweaker on the county circuit – has been left out of the 1st Lions ‘test’ because he’s struggling with his remodelled action. He bowled 14…

Root Named Test Captain

As if we needed any proof that Andrew Strauss reads this blog religiously, England’s MD has just announced that Joe Root will be the new test captain … literally an hour after we published Jack Mendel’s piece endorsing Stuart Broad. Thanks for that Andrew. I’m glad you took one week, rather than three,…

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The TFT Captaincy Formula

Welcome to The Full Toss captaincy formula. I went with ‘formula’ because it’s even sexier than ‘process’. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Mr Strauss. In the space of a few pithy paragraphs we’re going to achieve in five minutes what the ECB want to do in three weeks:…

Cook Blames ECB For Pietersen Debacle

We’ve waited almost three years for this. And I can only applaud Alastair Cook, now free of the captaincy, for finally having his say on the ECB’s handling of the Kevin Pietersen debacle. Better late than never eh. Although some won’t be prepared to take Cook at his word, I…

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‘Process’ Shows Lack of Proper Succession Planning

First the good news: unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours you’ll have heard that Alastair Cook has resigned as test captain. It’s the right decision. England need a more aggressive captain who shares the positive outlook of Trevor Bayliss and the team’s attacking young players. However, there…

Cook (Finally) Resigns As Test Captain

After being given the luxury of six weeks to decide his future, Alastair Cook has finally decided that he has no future … as captain at least. He announced today that he’s stepping down from the role. Giving in to his critics can’t have been easy but it’s undoubtedly the…

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Dre Ban: The Andre Russell Doping Controversy

We’ve never talked about drugs on this site before. I hasn’t really seemed necessary. Call me naive but I’ve never really thought that steroids (or other performance enhancing drugs) could particularly enhance a cricketer’s abilities. The sport is so technical that sheer bulk, or muscle strength, always seemed slightly irrelevant. Although…

Ind v Eng 2016
What Happened Next? The 3rd T20

Let’s play ‘What Happened Next?’. England are a promising 119-2 off 13 overs chasing a competitive but not insurmountable 202 on a fast scoring ground. Two experienced batsmen are at the crease. Both are well set. Surely a close finish is on the cards? Nope. Instead of setting up a…

Ind v Eng 2016
England Foiled By Billy The Kid: 2nd T20

There’s no point crying over a T20 international – especially one everyone will have forgotten by this time next week – but England were a little hard done by in Nagpur yesterday. We were pretty much cruising to victory, with just eight runs needed off the last over, when an umpire with a…

Ind v Eng 2016
Bowlers And Skipper Do The Job

Well, well, well. It looks like England victories in India are like buses. And I don’t mean that they’re big, red, overcrowded, and driven by people who get angry if you don’t give them the right change. I wrote an article the other day on why I think T20 is…

County cricket
Durham Academy Rated Finest In The Country

If you were upset about Durham’s relegation from the county championship last year, you’d better have your thermometer ready. This story is going to make your blood boil. According to the Northern Echo, Durham’s Academy has just been rated as the finest in the country by the ECB. That’s the…

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